New Features Make Web Interviewing Package More Powerful and Easy to Use

We are pleased to announce the imminent release of SSI Web v3. SSI Web is our Web interviewing software, supporting traditional surveys as well as those that incorporate Adaptive Conjoint Analysis (ACA) and Choice-Based Conjoint (CBC).

New Features:

  • Export to .CSV (ExcelTM) and SPSSTM: SSI Web users can now easily export their data (with labels) to Excel-friendly .CSV files and SPSS. This is an incredible time-saver. We've also made the Export area more flexible. Users can choose specific subsets of questions to export.
  • Grid Question Type: The Grid question lets you compose simple to complex grid-style questions without needing to know any HTML. You choose how many rows and columns, provide labels for each, specify a question type, customize colors, border widths, fonts etc. The possibilities are amazing.

    With the Grid question type, you can randomize rows and columns, or randomize just a subset of the rows and columns. Multiple question types (numeric entry, radio, check, drop-down, open-end) can be included within the same grid.

  • Constant Sum/Ranking Questions: Constant Sum or Ranking questions with appropriate automatic verification are offered in this new version of SSI Web.
  • Free Form: This is a flexible question type for users who know some HTML. If you need to make a question or series of questions look a certain way, but cannot achieve the right layout with SSI Web's point-and-click interface, you can take over the controls and write your own HTML. Custom JavaScript capabilities can also be added to Free Form questions.

Other new features in the SSI Web upgrade include:

  • Ability to randomize a subset of the response options within a select question
  • Ability to require a specific number of checked items in a checkbox question
  • Ability to add custom JavaScript verification
  • Access to the Header of HTML pages. This provides additional support for CSS, JavaScript, and foreign languages
  • Simple Browser. This allows you to remove the back button from the respondent's browser window
  • HTML toolbar. Makes it easy to edit custom HTML
  • Improved graphics support. Ability to automatically use a graphics subdirectory on your web server

To order your upgrade, or for general questions about SSI Web, please call us at 360/681-2300.