Cluster Ensemble Analysis Software (CCEA) Released

After a successful beta program and free trial period, we are pleased to announce the availability of our CCEA System for Convergent Cluster & Ensemble Analysis. You can download a free demo version of the software (limited to 50 cases and 4 groups) from:

Cluster analysis consists of finding groups of cases (e.g. respondents) that tend to be similar within those groups on the basis variables (the variables used in clustering), but different on those same variables between the groups. Cluster ensemble analysis leverages a variety of cluster solutions (an ensemble of solutions) to find a single best consensus solution that has stronger characteristics than any one of the solutions within the ensemble.

CCEA may be considered the next generation to our previous CCA (Convergent Cluster Analysis) software system. In addition to the ensemble approach, CCEA includes the capabilities of CCA software for k-means cluster analysis. The literature argues that ensembles perform better than standard cluster analysis. Our work with CCEA v3 also supports that conclusion. Our cluster ensemble approach consistently obtains better solutions for synthetic data sets with known cluster structure than the standard approach in CCA of selecting the highest-reproducibility solution. To read a white paper detailing our findings and our specific method of developing ensemble solutions, download our CCEA White Paper from our Technical Papers Library at