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Sawtooth Solutions #34: 2012 Summer

TURF for Really Large Problems

Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency (TURF) is a common optimization procedure in the market research industry. It is used for optimizing a portfolio of items/flavors, or selecting the right mix of magazines to advertise within to reach the maximum number of potential customers.

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Interaction Effects and ACBC

ACBC is a very recent addition to the conjoint toolkit (2009) but is becoming more widely used. Among Sawtooth Software users, the ratio of ACBC to CBC projects conducted over the previous 12 months was 1:6, up from 1:7 in the previous year.

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Report on Conjoint Analysis Usage

Thank you to those who participated in our annual customer feedback survey. This tool serves as a measuring stick for our business, and allows us to keep in touch with both the overriding sentiment and the specific ideas of customers. We learn how we can better serve you, and what we can do to improve our products.

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Highlights from Sawtooth Software Conference 2012

The 2012 Sawtooth Software conference drew about 260 people to the Boardwalk Hotel in Orlando, Florida. That’s a record turnout, and we’re very grateful for the support and enthusiasm of all involved.

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Standard Web-Based Surveys: Why SSI Web v8 Is Becoming the Go-To Tool

As our general survey platform evolves, many of our customers are finding that it provides all they need for their web-based and CAPI survey needs. If you are frustrated with aspects of other survey tools, we invite you to consider switching to CiW within our SSI Web platform.

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