Ci3 V2.5 Upgrade Now Available

We recently announced the release of Ci3 v2.5. This upgrade features enhancements designed specifically to make your work in Ci3 more efficient. We are very exited about the new features in this upgrade (we are Ci3 users too!) and are confident that this upgrade will give you immediate benefits. Some of the benefits include:

1. New Text Editor with Unlimited Document Size: The previous version of Ci3 had a simple, yet limited text editor that could only edit (open) text documents and script files smaller than 65,536 bytes. The new editor offers more than just the ability to open documents of nearly any size. We've added new features to make questionnaire construction more efficient. New features include Overstrike, Column-Select mode, and Bookmarks.

We've often heard the comment: "The thing that bothers me the most about Ci3 programming is having to count all of those lines and columns." Ci3 programmers now no longer need to spend so much time counting spaces. When you position the cursor within your T: section a "T: position panel" displays the relative screen row and column position.

2. More Flexible Ci3 Code: The core strength of Ci3 resides in its flexible set of instructions for building questionnaires. While Ci3 instructions are powerful, there have been some annoying syntax rules and limitations. With Ci3 v2.5, the scripting language is even more flexible than before, including AND (symbol: & ) and OR (symbol: | ) instructions, multiple operations per line, and permitting irregular spacing. Here's an example of a line of legitimate v2.5 Ci3 code:

	IF ((q1=1) & ((Q3   <>3) | (q2>2))) x = (Q4  +  q5+Q6) / 3

4. Data Doctor for Repairing Damaged or Corrupted Data Files: Occasionally, sectors on disks fail or hardware doesn't properly record Ci3 data. With very large data sets and tens of thousands of respondents, data corruption or loss becomes increasingly likely. After repairing occasional data sets for users and observing the different ways that Ci3 data can become corrupted, our staff has written the Ci3 Data Doctor. This feature will solve a good many data integrity problems by either directly remedying the error, salvaging a portion of the offending record, or by deleting the offending record altogether.

5. .JPG Graphic File Support: The Ci3 questionnaire module is quite compact when loaded onto a floppy field diskette. However, the Ci3 GRAPHICS command previously only supported .BMP graphics files, which can become very large. With the release of v2.5, the more compact .JPG compressed graphics file format is also supported.

6. Global Toggle for Present/Absent vs. Ordinal for Select Questions: Many users have noted that it can be very tedious to change dozens (or hundreds) of select-type questions from Present/Absent format in the Export Specifications table to Ordinal or vice-versa. A global toggle button is now available to switch the conversion option back and forth for Select type questions. You can even highlight a range of question labels and toggle only that selected group.

7. Transitional White "Flash" Between Questions Eliminated: Depending on the processor speed of the interviewing PC and the questionnaire logic that needed to be processed, a distracting white "flash" has appeared during the transition between questions. While we haven't improved the delay time between questions, we have eliminated the white "flash" by matching the transitional blank screen that is displayed to the background color used in your survey.

8. Accumulate Only New (Unique) Records Option: Some users have told us that they would prefer that Ci3 only accumulate new records that have not already been accumulated in a past session. This can protect you from accidentally accumulating the same diskette twice. This is also a valuable feature if data have been accumulated during preliminary stages of a project, but when further interviewing continues on the same disks. That feature now is available.

9. Miscellaneous Improvements:

  • The index program can now re-generate .IDX files for data files in directories (or floppy drives) other than the study directory.
  • The path of the current working directory is displayed in the bar at the top of the Ci3 dialog. No more wondering what directory Ci3 considers the active study directory!
  • Openend responses can now be exported to a text file without the extraneous information (roster number, list number, sequence number). This will make it easier in many cases to prepare text-based openend reports using word processors.
  • A Print Questionnaire option to send hard copy of text or logic to the printer.

Please call if you have questions or would like to order (360/681-2300).