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Niklas Rohde

Niklas Rohde

Niklas Rohde is a master student of business administration in Munich at Ludwig Maximilian University. The main subject of his studies is innovation. Niklas also received his bachelor's degree from the LMU Munich with a focus on management, marketing and innovation. In addition, he completed an apprenticeship at the bank prior to his studies.

As part of his master thesis, Niklas will conduct a Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis to explore customer preferences regarding a type of financial information system.

Over the last decade, the financial industry has been extensively digitalized. Digitalization also affected the investment process, yielding a new kind of digital investment management system, commonly referred to as robo-advisor. Robo-advisors provide the user with a digital platform aimed at transforming the traditional investment process involving a human advisor into a digital, human-to-computer process. The higher degree of automation within the processes of robo-advisors reduces costs at various levels, while the service can be offered to multiple customers simultaneously. Despite several advantages, these services still lack adequate customer adoption. There have not been many studies on robo-advisors so far, but some scientists have dealt with crucial design requirements (attributes) for these services. Despite the identification of potential key requirements and relevant attributes for the design of robo-advisors, no scientific research has yet been conducted on how such attributes should be shaped to achieve maximum customer acceptance. The Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis aims to understand user requirements and factors that drive customer acceptance.

If you are interested in this research or would like to learn more about Niklas, please feel free to contact him via LinkedIn:



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