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Marina Castellões da Riva

Marina Castellões da Riva

Marina Castellões da Riva is a master student of International Management at the ESB Business School in Germany, Reutlingen. Prior to her current studies, she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at FGV EAESP in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Her master thesis focuses on using CBC to design customer experience in intercity transportation in South America.

The goal of this project is to understand the importance of specific customer experiences for intercity bus users in South America. For research purposes, it will focus on buses leaving from one city with no restriction on destination, as it is believed that the time of travel influences the importance a customer gives to each attribute of the travel. This study hopes to be able to answer which attributes seen as important, in what situations and under what conditions.

This study adds to current literature for three main reasons:

  1. Most countries in South America are considered developing countries and lack good rail and air transportation options for passengers, thus making road transportation an important topic.
  2. Most studies on the matter focus on intracity bus transport, which represent a completely different experience as long distance travels.
  3. Because of the big distance between cities, it is important to understand the customer experience when taking the bus, so companies are able to improve their services.

The research expects to shed light on an important and not so deeply studied topic, and it may be used as a basis for further studies in other developing regions.

If you are interested in this research or would like to learn more about Marina, please feel free to contact her via LinkedIn:



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