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Sina Reimers

Sina Reimers

Sina Reimers is a bachelor student of business administration at the Münster School of Business with a specialization in data analysis and marketing. Prior to her current studies, she finished a commercial vocational training in marketing communication. In her bachelor thesis, Sina intends to reveal preferences for decision-relevant criteria for employer selection from the students' perspective, using the Adaptive Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis.

This research project is situated at a time of social upheaval characterized by value shift, skilled shortage, fluctuation-driven society, globalization and digitization. It can be assumed that students' expectations have changed over the years and that this study provides the latest findings from potential applicants. Her main goal of the study is to measure the impact of momentous characteristics that influence the job choice of students most significantly This knowledge enables companies to develop and communicate unique added company-specific benefits. In this way, a target group-oriented working environment is built which significantly increases the satisfaction and personal development of young talents and strengthens their decision for an employer who wants to meet their changing needs and is aware of its social responsibility.

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