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Lauren Taylor

Lauren Taylor

Lauren studies health management and organizational ethics at Harvard Business School. Prior to the doctoral program, she trained as a minister at Harvard Divinity School. Her dissertation explores how non-profit organizations assess the acceptability of philanthropic offers. In this work, she is using Sawtooth software to design a conjoint activity for non-profit managers.

The question of how non-profit organizations, and more specifically fundraisers, should evaluate philanthropic offers has been garnering attention both in national news. This project offers among the first empirical data points on how non-profit fundraisers evaluation the acceptability of philanthropic donations.

This research project will address the question: What characteristics of a philanthropic donation are most influential to non-profit fundraisers in deciding whether or not to accept a donation? It will also examine how non-profit fundraisers weigh the amount of a philanthropic offer against other characteristics of potential interest. Characteristics under study include: (1) whether the donor wishes to remain anonymous or be publicly acknowledged, (2) the amount of the donation, (3) whether the donation is being made voluntarily or as part of a punitive legal settlement, (4) whether the funds are restricted or unrestricted and (5) whether the donation is one-time only or can be re-upped in the future.

Laruen plans to field an online survey to a sample of 1000 professional fundraisers. This survey has been developed based on a review of the literature, 30 qualitative interviews, 3 focus groups and a pilot study conducted in March of 2019.

Feel free to contact Laure and learn more about her research or experience with Sawtooth Software. She can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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