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Respondents use drag-and-drop to categorize items.



Uses jQuery UI's Sortable tool to allow a list of items to be categorized in ranked buckets.


  • The list of rows must be set to the items to categorize. Rows must be numeric with require response disabled.
  • The list of columns must be set to the categories.


  • The label for the unsorted category can be changed on line 43 of the footer.
  • Items that must be categorized can be defined on line 34 of the footer. This code will require that the first two items be categorized: 'requiredItems': [1, 2]
  • Items that cannot be categorized with other items can be defined on line 35 of the footer. This code will require that the third item be exclusive: 'exclusiveItems': [3]
  • The minimum and maximum items allowed in each category can be defined on lines 36-38 of the footer. By default, categories permit any number of items. Example:
    'categoriesMinAndMax': {
    1: [1, 1], // first category must have exactly 1 item
    2: [3, 9999] // second category must have at least 3 items

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