Library       Drilldown Dropdowns

A series of dependent dropdowns.



A series of combobox questions where each response defines the available responses on the next combobox. For more advanced dependent questions, see Branching.


  • Lines 15-35 of the first question's footer must be updated with the nature of the drilldown dropdowns:
    • AddDrilldown's first parameter is the name of the independent dropdown.
    • AddDrilldown's second parameter is the name of the dependent dropdown.
    • AddDrilldown's third parameter defines the behavior when the independent dropdown is unanswered:
      • drilldownSettings.empty: the dependent dropdown is displayed with no response options.
      • drilldownSettings.disabled: the dependent dropdown is disabled.
      • drilldownSettings.hidden: the dependent dropdown is not shown.
    • AddDrilldown's remaining parameters represent the if-then nature of the dropdowns.

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