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This question is deprecated and may be removed in the future. It is recommend that Lighthouse Studio's "Least Fill" feature be used instead.

Library       Even Distribution Quota

Distributes respondents evenly into several groups.



A quota where new respondents are placed into the quota cell with the fewest completes.


  • In the question settings, set the quota to skip to any question. No respondent will actually be skipped.
  • The quota cells should be copy-and-pasted so there is one quota cell for each group you need to distribute respondents into. For each quota cell, make the following changes:
    • Set the quota cell value to a unique value.
    • Update line 3 of the qualification logic with the name of the quota question.
    • Update line 4 of the qualification logic with the position of the current quota cell.
    • Update line 5 of the qualification logic with the total number of quota cells.

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