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Library       Highlighting: Words

Records highlighted words of a given text.



Any word that a respondent clicks on is recorded. Respondents can undo selections with another click.

Selected texts are placed into a list that can be used elsewhere in Lighthouse Studio.


  • Lines 17-22 of the free format's HTML must be the text to be displayed.
  • If the free format question is renamed, the items of the included "List1" must be updated to reference the new name.
  • If the free format question or "List1" is renamed, the instructions of "List2" must be updated to reference the new names.

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Community Question Library

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Beginning with Lighthouse Studio 9.3, you may create a personal question library with your favorite questions. This page contains survey questions that have been submitted by our user community. You may download the questions and then import them into your Lighthouse Studio question library and freely use them within your surveys. All of the amazing items in this library are entirely user-contributed and user-supported!

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