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Library       Better Lighthouse Library

A library of JavaScript tools built to improve the process of developing customized code for Lighthouse Studio.



Adds the following functions and events:

  • Functions SSI_EnableRadioButtonOrCheckbox and SSI_DisableRadioButtonOrCheckbox for enabling and disabling graphical and non-graphical radio buttons and checkboxes.
  • Function SSI_GetGridQuestionSettings for getting key settings of a grid question.
  • Function SSI_GetFreeFormatQuestionSettings for getting key settings of a free format question.
  • Events lighthouseRadioButtonChanged and lighthouseCheckboxChanged that fire when graphical or non-graphical radio buttons or checkboxes change state.


  • Moving the code from this question's footer into your questionnaire's HTML tag will make these changes apply globally.
  • Any existing uses of SSI_CustomGraphicalRadiobox or SSI_CustomGraphicalCheckbox on this page must be refactored to use these events.


  • Any of the four primary features can be left off or modified. Doing so may result in behavioral changes with JavaScript on the page meant to interact with this library, including other items of the Community Question Library. Discretion is advised.

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Community Question Library

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Beginning with Lighthouse Studio 9.3, you may create a personal question library with your favorite questions. This page contains survey questions that have been submitted by our user community. You may download the questions and then import them into your Lighthouse Studio question library and freely use them within your surveys. All of the amazing items in this library are entirely user-contributed and user-supported!

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