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Previous module selection without data deletion


Now I have another tricky question )
I have 10 categories in a survey. Now it is programmed that respondent answers each category randomly selected by the system and all is working fine.
Client came to me with some changes today.
He wants to give the respondent selection option so the respondent could choose the category he wants to fill in. The problem is the if the respondent chooses to answer category 3 after he filled in category 7, than all data in category 7 are being deleted by the system.
Do any of you can help me to solve this issue and help to launch the client's project?
asked Apr 15, 2016 by Alex (320 points)
retagged Apr 15, 2016 by Walter Williams
Maybe we could use GOTO logic here? If something similar is available in SawTooth...
Going backwards in a study can get a bit hairy.  One way to avoid going backwards would be to prompt the respondent with a multi-select question at the beginning of the study about which categories they want to see, then use skips to skip categories the respondent did not want to see.  Would this be acceptable behavior for your situation?

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Hi Alex,

Suggested approach:

1. Create a multi select question with categories
2. create a constructed list with AIC
3. make blocks of categories question and specify list in (2) as block randomization list
4. Using this, data wont over ride

Though, Not sure if you can ask this question as multi select.

answered Apr 15, 2016 by Saurabh Aggarwal Gold (33,275 points)
Thank you, Saurabh and Zachary, but it won't work in our case. As per client's design we must get back to the category selection screen every time the respondent finishes the previous one.
Hi Alex,

I think I have understood your problem now.

Tried this :


Is this what you wanted?

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We've solved this one as following:
after the screener we redirect respondent to the separate project with category selection. After he has selected the category we do redirect respondent to the main survey module and redirect back to the separate project to select the next category.
Now we see that SawTooth don't overwrite data any more.

Thank you all for the ideas ))
answered Apr 18, 2016 by Alex (320 points)