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Remove from constructed list if quota is full

There are three things I’m looking to execute

Brand Selection:
I have a study where I would like respondents to evaluate up to 3 brands, out of a list of 10, based on levels of familiarity. I got this part using AIG and setting the list length.

As an added twist, Brands #4 and #9 have the lowest familiarity. If they qualify I would like to ensure they are included in the list of 3 brands to evaluate. Normally, I’d have this part, but the next item presents the largest hurdle.

Some of the brands and much more familiar than others and I would like to limit the number of times each brand is evaluated (200 max). I’m trying to figure out how to remove brands from the list of 3 to be evaluated if that brand’s quota is full. Help!

Brand Ratings:
I am unable to use looping so I have set up 10 blocks, one for each brand. The blocks will appear in a randomized order and I plan to use pre-skipping (ListHasParentMember). I also envision putting each brands quota question within their respective block.
asked Jun 8, 2016 by Bret

1 Answer

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Hey Bret,

For Brand selection, I would recommend you to program least fill methodology to select 3 brands. Here, keep a track of selection of brands across respondents from quota variables, before you select top 3, take the current quota fill into consideration.

For Quota, you can use function - QuotaCellCompletes. If the value is 200, you can remove from list.

For Brand rating, you can use block randomization, specify your list in "use constructed list". Sawtooth will only show only those blocks which are present in constructed list, so there is no need of pre skips

answered Jun 8, 2016 by Saurabh Aggarwal Gold (33,400 points)
Thanks Saurabh, For the least fill methodology, is that implemented with "regular" functions, perl, or java script?
You can capture current quota fills in variables, sort them in ascending order and pick those least fill among qualified brands.