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Constructed lists included in the admin module reports

I was wondering if you had put any thought into including constructed lists into the admin module reports.

I personally like to store data in constructed lists and find it handy to run marginals or crosstabs on them.

I know I can use pass-in fields and define variables using SetValue but the constructed lists store multiple response data beautifully, unlike a single pass-in field variable.

Has there been any interest?

asked Sep 2, 2016 by Paul Moon Platinum (80,455 points)
retagged Sep 2, 2016 by Walter Williams

1 Answer

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I have not heard of this request before.  I'll make a note.
answered Sep 2, 2016 by Justin Luster Silver Sawtooth Software, Inc. (7,675 points)
Thanks Justin. Hopefully it gathers some pace from others.