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How do I close my survey?

So I wanted to reach a certain number of respondents with my survey which I send out via email (I send out the link to the sawtooth survey via mail).

No I have almost reached the number of participants which I would need for my survey - How do I close my survey so that it is not live anymore, so that new respondents can not answer anymore. And when I do that I do not lose any data, do I ? Because of course I would need their answers to my questions to analyze the results of the survey.

Thanks a lot in advance!!
asked Sep 6, 2016 by Jess

1 Answer

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If you log into your admin module link there is an option on the left side to "Close Survey".  Once you select that it also gives you an option to revise the text that will be shown.  Once you have the wording as you want it click on the button to close survey and show message.
answered Sep 6, 2016 by Jay Rutherford Gold (34,155 points)
Oh ok thanks a lot! So that means if people who received the mail click on the link I send them they will just see a message such as "Thank you for your interest in our survey. Unfortunately we already had enough participants. " or whatever text I would type in the way you explained above. Is that correct? Thanks a lot !!
That is correct.  Also, you can always go back in and re-open the survey as well (should you ever need to for any reason).

I asked myself the same question (how to close the survey), but I could not find the "Close Survey" button on the left in the admin module. I am still collecting answers and I will be doing so for one or two more weeks, but I want to be prepared.

Are you using the read-only password or the read-modify password?  The read-only password is limited in the options.
Hello Jay,
thanks for your reply,  I have already figured out my mistake, I was working with the read-only password :-) Thanks!