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Please check

Hi Paul,

Thank you for your answer, I think it's working, although I am not sure regarding "Define each time stamp as a whole number"...I set it as "hidden", not as "Text (numeric)", because in the local Test there appeared the error message "please type in a number"...

Could you please check?

Do you have an E-Mail I can use to send you my sawtooth file?
Best Robert
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asked Apr 24, 2017 by robertkw44 (120 points)
Robert, got your email. Thanks.

I installed v7 on my sons laptop and discovered there is no option to define the data type so ignore that instruction.

It appears you now have it working so you are good to go.

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Hi Robert. Please send to paulmoon@aapt.net.au if necessary.

Just check one more issue. Double click on your free format question. Then click on the "Variable / Question HTML" tab. In the "Variable Names" window, double click on your variable name. The "Data Type" should appear in a new window.

My memory with versions maybe deserting me here but that's where you currently define the data type for a free format question in v8+v9. Earlier versions I'm a little unsure?

Let me know how you go but send the ssi file if necessary.
answered Apr 24, 2017 by Paul Moon Platinum (78,075 points)