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Quotas and Offline Surveys

Do the current quotas get updated on tablets after they upload data?  So, once a quota has closed, will the individual tablets have that when synced or would that need to be handled through skip logic and updated in the survey?
asked May 15, 2017 by Jay Rutherford Gold (33,265 points)

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Unfortunately no.

For security and other reasons for now we don't push data down to devices. This is a commonly asked for feature. The hard part about offline mode is everything is decentralized. So even if we pushed down quotas is many devices might remain unavailable to notice the updated quota counts and could still exceed the limits.
answered May 15, 2017 by Mike Lodder Gold (23,395 points)
selected May 15, 2017 by Jay Rutherford
Makes sense, and what I figured, but I thought I'd double check.  I can just update the survey with a skip pattern if I need to.  Thanks Mike!