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Between-concept prohibitions in alternative-specific CBC


my primary attribute is 'consumption channel' and two of its levels are 'paid subscription service' and 'ad-based subscription service'. My second attribute is 'time after which channel is available' with levels such as 0,1,2,4, 8 weeks. As the 'paid subscription service' requires the customer to pay a fee while the 'ad-based subscription service' is free of charge, I want to include a timing restriction.

The 'ad-based subscription service' should not be available before the 'paid subscription service' While it should be possible to have both channels open simultaneously, I want to exlude choice sets like 'paid subscription service' at 8 weeks and 'ad-based subscription service' at 1 week.

I tried to do this with 'between-concept' prohibitions. First, I received a warning that 'between-concept' prohibitions are not usually used in alternative-specific CBC. Additionally, when I previewed the choice sets, there were still scenarios that violated the timing restrictions.

Does anyone know how to solve these issues?
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asked May 23, 2017 by Colin (305 points)
closed Jul 16, 2017 by Colin