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Can I use several questionnaires for one study?

In my study I'd like to find out, if customers of a B2B firm prefer a specific brand architecture (Only company brand, or also family brand, maybe even product brands). Customers of various brands of that firm will be asked. I will use ACBC analysis.
Is it possible to create several questionnaires (for Brand A, Brand B, Brand C) and incorporate all of them in the analysis? Or do I have to solve this issue with BYO-questiones?
asked Jun 10, 2017 by Jane

1 Answer

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If you create separate ACBC questionnaires, it may make it impossible to properly combine the data if you want to create a single market simulator.  You would be left to analyzing the results separately for your multiple projects.  But, on the other hand, perhaps such an analysis would answer the business questions at hand.

ACBC has the ability to create "constructed lists" (also known as "dynamic lists") for attributes like brand within a single ACBC questionnaire.  So, one approach is ask respondents ahead of time which brands are applicable to them, moving only the applicable brands forward into the conjoint exercise.  That keeps all the analysis in one data file.  If doing this, you must tell ACBC-HB utility estimation how to treat the levels that are dropped for each respondent.

There are many questions about what you're trying to accomplish.  I'd recommend you take these questions up with a consultant or perhaps try asking additional questions here or asking them of our technical support team.
answered Jun 12, 2017 by Bryan Orme Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (162,715 points)
Same as several languages?