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Constructed Lists Conditionally Displaying Variables

I'm constructing a survey where I want respondents to indicate if they have used specific offerings, and then rate the effectiveness of offerings they have used. The effectiveness questions will not display all of the offerings they have indicated they use.

Here's the situation.
Q1 has 32 rows and 3 columns. Let's say the rows are car brands and the columns are I own or have owned this vehicle, I do not own this vehicle but am familiar with the brand, and I know nothing about this vehicle brand.

Q2 states a feature only some of the cars have, and respondents would have to indicate the likelihood of buying the car based on that feature. This question would carry through only car brands they own/have owned or are familiar with. The question would not carry forward all owned/have owned brands and familiar brands though, because not all they have selected have the feature listed in Q2.

I'm running into issues constructing lists with conditional display variable criteria, because the parent lists for row and column criteria do not match up.

Does anyone have a solution to this situation? I'm not very skilled with using Perl, so that's why I have not included any code, but I am open to tinkering around with it if given the basic framework.
asked Jul 24, 2017 by Alicia

1 Answer

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There's a couple of ways to manage this.

You can make both Q1 and Q2 parent lists the same at Q1 and Q2 for the cars.

Normally something like this would work:

But if you don't have all Q1=1-2 cars being displayed at Q2, you can insert some Remove functions like this:

This will select all Q1=1-2 cars and remove cars 10+20+29+30+31. No Perl script required here. That's the easiest method!

If you need to use a different list at Q2, Perl will be required. If you reply back and post your Perl script, I can see where you are slipping up. Provide all list details too.

answered Jul 24, 2017 by Paul Moon Platinum (70,315 points)
Thank you for your help!
Did you get it working? Regards Paul.
Yes it works great! I had been creating a list of variables to remove rather than using the Remove and specifying the row after the list. Thank you so much for your help.