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dynamic variable in redirect link for panel provider

Hello sawtooth community!

I’ve purchased respondents from a panel provider for my survey. The participants will be invited from the panel provider and directed to my survey link.
Every participant receives an individual ID, which is highlighted by the field „our_ticket”.
For example:  http://www.umfragekunde.com/umfrage/start.php?tic=[our ticket].

I need to save the ID and return it back to the provider using  Redirect-URLs with the variable identification „return_tic“.

For example:
Complete: http://www.respondi.com/s/XXXXX/ospe.php3?c_0002=1&return_tic=[our ticket]

Quotafull: http://www.respondi.com/s/XXXXX/ospe.php3?c_0002=2&return_tic=[our ticket]

I created a new variable in Pass-In Fields called tic, text variable. So I want to save the User-ID  the panel provider is sending me.

I created terminate questions with the Settings "Link to a Questionnaire or Website",  with the following URL for User who completed:
https://mingle.respondi.com/s/XXXXXXXX/ospe.php3?c_0002=1&return_tic=[% tic %]

If I do this, in the URL the "&return_tic" is highlited in red. Does this mean that there is a failure?
And is it the right way to put "%tic%" in square brackets or would it be the right way without square brackets (https.......return_tic=%tic%)?

Am I on the right way or are there any other details I have to consider?

Thanks in advance!
asked Nov 16, 2017 by ABau (160 points)
The red "&return_tic" is a quirk of the text editor used in Lighthouse; it does not indicate an error.

Yes, you will need to include the square brackets.

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