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How can I use PageTime in skip logic to send speed-through respondents to a separate termination question in 9.5.2?

asked Nov 22, 2017 by YelenaV.

1 Answer

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The PageTime(StartPage, EndPage) function will return the number of seconds the respondent spent between those two points.  You could do a simple logic statement like PageTime(1,10)< 50 as skip logic on any question.  If the statement evaluates to true (their page time was less than 50 seconds) then the skip would send them to wherever you wanted them to go.

You can have as many separate terminate points as you want in a survey, just separate them by page breaks.

If you are in an older version of the software, you'll need to double check if the PageTime function exists.  Open up the Help documentation and in the tree view of subjects, navigate to General Survey Help -> Composing Surveys -> Sawtooth Script (or SSI Script in old versions) -> Functions -> System Functions.  The path might be a little different if you are on a very old version, but it should be something similar to that.
answered Nov 22, 2017 by Brian McEwan Gold Sawtooth Software, Inc. (39,270 points)
Brian, I was about to chip in and noticed your reply. Thanks for your valuable comments.

Just one additional comment. I like to use something like this ...


This says if the page time from the beginning of the survey (page 1) to the current page is >100, then skip ...

This simply avoids fiddling with page numbers.
Yeah that's clever if you wanted to do something continuously through the survey instead of check a specific point.  Neat :)
Thank you both for taking the time to provide the very useful answer! The PageNumber trick is perfect for excluding speed-throughs before they complete the survey. Really appreciate it.