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Free-format check box (multi select) question


I have free fromat check box question with 24 attributes and respondent should select 5 option (min=5 and max=5). Till that it works. After answering this free format question anwered next question and want to change answer in the free format. So used browser back button. But the five option selected got disappear. I again selected 5 option and tried to answer next question. Here again sawtooth shows error "Minimum select is Five". Can any one help me to fix this problem?

Thanks in advance.

Here is the sample code:

<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="100%">
<col width="8%" />
<col width="42%" />
<col width="8%" />
<col width="42%" />
  <td height="35" height="35" colspan="2"> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<b><u><left>Header 1</left></u></b> </td>
  <td height="35" height="35" colspan="2"> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<b><u><left>Header 2</left></u></b></td>
  <td height="35" class="clickable" class="input_cell"> [%CheckSelect(SP24_A, 1)%]</td>
  <td height="35"> Attribure 1</td>
  <td height="35" class="clickable" class="input_cell"> [%CheckSelect(SP24_A, 16)%]</td>
  <td height="35"> Attribure 16</td>
  <td height="35" class="clickable" class="input_cell"> [%CheckSelect(SP24_A, 2)%]</td>
  <td height="35"> Attribure 3</td>
  <td height="35" class="clickable" class="input_cell"> [%CheckSelect(SP24_A, 17)%]</td>
  <td height="35"> Attribure 17</td>
asked Jun 27, 2012 by anonymous
retagged Sep 13, 2012 by Walter Williams
what browser? testing out my responses are still there after i hit back and it works as expected

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