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How do I specify which data set is used for HB Estimation?

Hi all,

I am running ACBC analysis and am currently finishing the data collection. For analysis I want to run HB analysis on the data.
I am now stuck on the issue how I can select the data that is used for this analysis. In prior steps of my research I already downloaded data of the pre study and incomplete sets of data to Lighthouse Studio. If I am exporting the data now, all sets of data are aggregate in one big data set.
Now, if I want to run HB estimation on this, it includes all cases (even those from the pre study).
How can I set the settings so it only includes the data I am downloading from the online survey and no prior data?
If that's not possible, how can I delete cases from the data that HB works with? I feel like I am not really understanding with which data set Lighthouse Analysis works .

Thank you for your help!
asked Dec 18, 2017 by Helen

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