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Has anyone programmed a Gabor Granger pricing survey?

I am working on a product pricing survey for an internal client, and we have decided to use the Gabor Granger Indirect Pricing Model.  Has anyone programmed this model/technique within Sawtooth?  If so, where should I start?  Also, to make this more complex, the client needs to gather pricing information on 3-5 potential products, so I will need to program the battery of questions 3-5 times and then possibly create a random rotation/selection of the batteries (i.e., each respondent will complete 2 randomly selected of the 5 total batteries).

*please note, I am seeking help/advice, so that I can learn how to program this on my own (vs. hiring a vendor/consultant).
asked Jan 24, 2018 by jlfrank3 (120 points)
edited Jan 25, 2018 by jlfrank3

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