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Max Diff to Calculate Value


I am doing a piece of work where I have to rank 16 reward offerings in order of importance. No problem there.

The issue is that each of these rewards will have to be assigned a number of points from 1-3, so that in the real world the user can choose a number of rewards of their choice totalling 10 points (for example).

Reward 1 (3 points)
Reward 2 (1 point)
Reward 3 (1 point)

Is there a way to do this within Max Diff (or another study)?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

asked Feb 7, 2018 by DaveT (205 points)
Sounds like you are seeking a constant sum type question which will allow you to allocate a total of 10 points across the reward offerings you display.

Have you reviewed a constant sum question in Lighthouse Studio? That should cater for your needs.

1 Answer

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You want BOTH to assess importance AND to constrain the number of points, right?  

If the point "prices" are already known then I think it's just a matter of showing the 16 items and their associated prices and having respondents choose the ones they want, subject to the price constraint that they can't spend more than 10 points.  

If the point prices are NOT already fixed it gets trickier.  I've faced this kind of problem before and I don't think any canned program handles it well.  I've tried this as both a menu-based choice experiment and as a choice-based conjoint (CBC).  Either way gives you utilities for the 16 items and the three point "prices." The tricky part then is getting how to use the utilities, because the thing you're modeling doesn't fit well into any sort of standard simulator.  There gets to be a lot of trial and error trying to find the best bundle for each respondent.
answered Feb 7, 2018 by Keith Chrzan Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (70,125 points)