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Reloading data from a client into sawtooth

I am currently working on a survey that included a perceptual conjoint within it for a client.

The client I have working with has customer data that they are going to combine with the results from the survey we are writing (so customer IDs match up).

I was wondering if it is possible for us to write the survey but upload it to the clients admin module so they can host the survey and send out the link to their customer so they can download the data and match the customer ID's to their customer base (as this is confidential so we can't do this). But then when they send the anonymized data back to us can we reload the results from the survey back into Sawtooth to do the analysis on the conjoint? ( I presume we will have to remove the additional data they have provided us with from this)?

Hope that makes sense.
asked Mar 12, 2018 by Lucy

1 Answer

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Hi Lucy,

There are few ways to manage this.

Easy way:
Program those variables as pass-in field and let client add the corresponding data in csv file once they download file

Tricky Way 1 (Pro User):
Prepare an external utility where client can store this confidential information against a unique id. When  survey with same id is taken , data will get appended with main survey.

Tricky Way 2 (Super Pro User):
Prepare an external utility which accesses survey database and let client upload the confidential information themselves in database

Do let us know if you need further help.

answered Mar 12, 2018 by Saurabh Aggarwal Gold (33,275 points)