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estimate utilities using monotonicity constraints

I have a conjoint design with 6 attributes and I have 3 levels for attribute 1,5,6 and 2 levels for attribute 2,3,4. I have a request from my cleint to add monotonocity constraints on the utilities. The request reads as follows

a.    For attribute 1,5, and 6: level 3 must be better than level 2 which must be better than level 1
b.    For attribute 2,3, and 4: level 2 must be better than level 1

I am using sawtooth version 8.4.8 and I am using the following steps

1)    In Sawtooth under “Analyze” we have the function “Estimate CBC utilities – HB recommended” .
2)   Once we select this under “settings” we have “Constraints”, and under Constraints we would be using “Add using wizards” and then we have to set the contraint as Level 3 is preferred over level 2 and level 2 is preverred of level 1 for attributes 1,5,6, similar exercise for the other attributes.

Please let me know if I am going correct.
asked Apr 28, 2018 by Sayantan das adhikari

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