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Other Specify in grid and ranking questions


I have some question as below
First one
i have a multiple question of around 72 brands
Q1- which brand from the below list you own at your house

and after that we asked the respondent from where did he bought this brand

Q2- from the below list please specify from where did you buy those brands
a- hyper market, please specify name
b-Big shop, please specify name
c- Small shop, please specify name
d- other please specify

So i create a constructed list AIC (Q1) and it was the rows for Q2  and the response above is the column for Q2 and it works fine, but i notice that if there are more than 1 brand , iam not be able to write in the other specify

Second one

i have also a grid question (Q3) for about 30 attributes in the rows and 5 scale in the column (satisfaction)

i need if the respondent choose 4 or 5 in any attributes to be ranked in another question (Q4), i did it using perly code but the other specify appears as other specify and not what mentioned in it

asked Aug 31, 2018 by Ossama

1 Answer

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For your first question, you want each brand to have their own other specify fields, correct?  If so, the problem comes from the fact that lists are typically only created once per respondent; so when you use your columns list in this grid question, all the brands are forced to share this one list.

If you want each brand to be able to have their own copy of the list, you'll need to add looping to your questionnaire.  So instead of this grid question, you'll want to use a select question like "Where did you buy <BRAND>?" with your column list as the response options.  Then you can add a loop to that select question that shows the question once per brand.  Does that make sense?

For your second question, one option would be to create a second predefined list.  It would look the same as original list of 30 attributes, but with changes for the other specify items.  Instead of the regular other specifies, replace them with Sawtooth Script like this:

[% Q3_r30_other %]

Finally, have your constructed list use this copycat list as its parent list instead of the original predefined list.
answered Aug 31, 2018 by Zachary Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (121,625 points)
Thanks, the second question is working probably but for the first question can you please give me an example for it as the second one as i didnot use the loop before
I'm imaging a select question with text like this:

Where did you buy [% LoopLabel() %]?

For the select question's response options, use:

Hyper market, please specify name (OTHER SPECIFY)
Big shop, please specify name (OTHER SPECIFY)
Small shop, please specify name (OTHER SPECIFY)
Other please specify (OTHER SPECIFY)

Finally, click Looping from the Write Questionnaire and create a new loop.  The loop's list should be the constructed list you were using for Q2's rows.  Both anchor questions for the loop should be the new select question.