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What happens if my CBC model contains fixed prices combined with constant attributes?

Dear Forum,

I was wondering how I can handle a tricky situation regarding my CBC model. In order to present realistic options I have chosen 5 attributes with three levels each to differentiate the alternatives. Three independent product attributes (smell, size and packaging), but then I had to combine two relevant attributes label and region of origin due to the fact that these factors depend on each other. Further, the price is linked as well to that combined attribute (called labeling) because realistically the labeled products are always more expensive in our case.
Can I get some valuable results from this model?

Thanks in advance!
asked Sep 4, 2018 by Dan

1 Answer

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This often comes up in pharma CBC work, when some drugs have known properties and therefore need to be shown as mostly or all fixed concepts.  To make this work in our CBC software usually requires some power tricks.  For example, sometimes alternative-specific designs, sometimes conditional pricing (to make sure some alternatives carry different price ranges than others; though you can accomplish this as well with alternative-specific price attributes), sometimes modifying the design file (export design to .CSV, modify it, then import the modified .CSV design file) to customize it, sometimes using Free Format with your own HTML.  It gets into some advanced CBC areas, so you may find it useful to hire a consultant who has experience with these kinds of models.
answered Sep 4, 2018 by Bryan Orme Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (174,415 points)