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How to include a hover option in a grid for definitions of the row and column items.


I am programming a study with a lot of specific delivery formats, and the client wants to make sure the definition for each is included on each question so respondents don't get confused. However, each question is usually presented in a grid, so I don't want to include long definitions for each column or row item. Does anyone know how to program a hover box for grid rows and columns so I can include the definitions here? Thanks!
asked Sep 11, 2018 by Kristy

1 Answer

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You can use the ToolTip SSI Script function here.

The format is as follows ...

ToolTip("LinkText", "HelpText", Width, Height)

For example, define your codes / items in your parent list/s as ...
answered Sep 11, 2018 by Paul Moon Platinum (74,305 points)
This is perfect, thanks!