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Skip logic for select question

I have a survey question (S9) which has 7 response options. It is a check box question for multiple responses.

I am trying to create skip logic so that if only response 7 is selected the respondent is disqualified.

I tried using this which does not work
S9_7=1 and (S9_1=0 and S9_2=0 and S9_3=0 and S9_4 and S9_5=0 and S9_6=0)

The error message says "The binary operator 'and' requires boolean expressions on both the left and right side"

How do I make the skip logic so that if the respondent ticks the box for S7 only that they are disqualified?
asked Sep 17, 2018 by kaitlana (180 points)

1 Answer

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Ensure your question is a select question and allows multiple response answers.

You can use some simple skip logic like this:

S9_7=1 and NumChecked(S9)=1
answered Sep 17, 2018 by Paul Moon Platinum (74,205 points)