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Setting up Voxpopme in Sawtooth


Do you have any special instructions to setup VoxPopme in sawtooth.

I have placed their snippet (with project ID) under custom java script verification and then placed their div commands under header section. It is not appearing.

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asked Sep 24, 2018 by anonymous
I have not used Voxpopme, but my guess is that you don't want their code in your custom JavaScript verification.  Custom verification runs when the respondent submits the page.  You probably need the script to run when the page loads.  Placing the code in <script> tags and locating it elsewhere may help.
Hi Zach,

You are correct about placing the code within the <script> tag. It works. However, the Chrome browser is not allowing to record. Otherwise, it works on IE, EDGE, Firefox, Safari etc.,
I can't offer much as I don't have to code in front of me, but the first step to debugging that problem is probably to open up the browser console while taking the study in Chrome and seeing if there are any error messages.

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