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scroll down in grid questions

Hey there

Is it possible (and how) to lock the first row of a grid (usually where the scale is displayed) so that everything above could be seen permanently whereas the rest (the rows of the grid) are scrolled down?

If so, is it possible to add this(script, function or whatever) to the general survey settings?

thanks a lot!
asked Nov 2, 2018 by bs77 Bronze (790 points)
This may serve your needs:

It really did help. Thank you.
Although I would appreciate your support again, as the scripts do not work as i hoped to.
The script provided within the last link of the forum post you posted above seems helpful, as I also face the problem to want to keep my first row of the table as they contain the evaluation scale (5 point likert).
Now when I apply the code as pasted (with name adaptation), the first row (and the first question) is taken out of the table and is pasted without any format. So the header takes now the hole width of the question instead of just above the likert scale buttons to click (I hope you know hat I mean).
Maybe you have any  tipps for me to avoid that?

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