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Upload problems with Self Hosting Management?


we are with Lighthouse 9.5.3. Accidentally we deleted all Account Settings in the Hosting Management window of a test project. Unfortunately this affected two real studies as well, that is, all settings were gone. We tried to put them back and also connected our service provider to get the information. But we couldn√Ąt make it. The thing is, we have one online survey in the field. A second one is about to start. And we can't upload the second project properly. Upload process stops at 8 out of 10 steps ("Checking database for survey name conflicts..."). We sent log files already to Sawtooth Support.
As we are ein a hurry, we manually deleted all SQL tables from the second study from the database, but that didn't solve the problem either. Now we think of changing the database in order to bypass the problem. Not sure if this works.
Is there a problem with changing the database of a current ongoing online survey, that is, can we change the database of the second project without loosing the data of the other project? So far we just used one server account.

Thank you very much!

asked Nov 27, 2018 by Andrew Bronze (1,125 points)
edited Nov 27, 2018 by Andrew

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Hi Andrew,

It is certainly possible to use different databases for different survey projects. Each survey project creates and uses its own, distinct database tables. In some cases, using different databases may be useful because there will be survey name conflicts in the database if the uploaded survey files are not uniquely named.

To use a different database, you would only need to ensure that the Database User Name and Password  specified in Lighthouse Studio can access the database specified in the Database Name field. I'm not sure how your service provider requires you to create databases, but it should not be any different from what was needed to create the original database.

Data for an ongoing survey won't be deleted from the database unless an action to delete the data is taken--manual deletion using SQL in the database server or survey deletion initiated from Lighthouse Studio (Delete Survey from Server button). Since the Account Settings for that survey project were deleted from Lighthouse, it doesn't seem like you would be able to delete the data from the ongoing survey by doing anything from within Lighthouse Studio, so there isn't a need to worry about that.

I will make sure our support replies include the instructions for retrieving the database user credentials so you can restore the Account settings for that ongoing survey project.
answered Nov 27, 2018 by harrison Bronze Sawtooth Software, Inc. (975 points)
edited Nov 29, 2018 by harrison
Additionally, I recommend using a different Account in the Hosting Management menu for each different survey project. It is a lot easier to manage different settings that way.
Thank you very much!
Due to your help and Sawtooth Support we were able to fix the problem.
As advised we first checked if there was a problem with the server, e.g. problem with executing scripts, which wasn't the case. Then we tried different FTP and database settings in Hosting Management window. As we own various domains we changed the Web Root URL from a path which led to the main folder of the server, e.g. http://customer.serverdomain.org, to the URL we would use for the project, e.g. http://project323.domain.com. Afterwards the upload to the server worked only for part of the files and folders. However, the db_setup folder was empty and no database entries were made. Eventually, as mentioned by Harrison in the first answer above, we encountered a name conflict. We remembered that we renamed the project (for testing reasons) back and forth. We deleted all concerned sql-tables in the database. Then we were good to go.
Many thanks for the great support again.

Kind regards,