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Grid question Logic

Hello Support,

Now i have 3 questions ( QB1 , QB2 and QB3)
QB1 is asking about specific brands (spontaneous question ) then QB2 is asking about other brands not mentioned in QB1 . Then I have QB3 grid question asking about the same brands asked  in QB1 and QB2 but its not filtred from QB1 and QB2 ( all brands appear whether they are chosen in QB1 and QB2  or not ) and this is the rowList for QB3 and the in the columns i have form  1 to 7 categories .. Now  if he said a brand QB1 or QB2 I need answer number 7 in the column List to be dimmed for it .
asked Jan 2, 2019 by Marwa
The goal is to disable the whole column, right?  What input type is QB3 using?  If radio buttons or checkboxes, have you disabled graphical radio buttons and checkboxes in your survey settings?
Yes, its using radio buttons, how could i disable them ?
Graphical radio buttons can be disabled using this:


The exact JavaScript to handle this depends on exactly what responses of QB1 and QB2 you want to result in disabling certain radio buttons.

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