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React.js integration and question submit fail on Firefox

At IFOP, we tried to integrate a simple React.js app into Sawtooth. Tests seems to be quite successful, but we would like to share some experiences with you so you could tell if we are on the right way or not.

The React app looks like the following: there is an input field where the user enters a zip code, that is submitted using the Axios library to a distant API that returns various JSON data. Some values contained in the JSON is "injected" into the Sawtooth input DOM corresponding to the current question through JavaScript’s Element.setAttribute(name, value), using « value » for the name attribute.

On form submit, everything get fine when using Chrome or IE.

But when using Firefox, a green rotating spinner, known as #submit_progress_bar, appears after 2 seconds for 15 seconds. Then it dismiss by itself, the form is not submitted, and there are no errors as far as we know.

What we would like to know is if:

    - It reminds you of some known bugs with Firefox?
    - If the attempt of the integration of React.js with the existing jQuery scripting is considered as theoretically possible or if we should stick to jQuery
    - If you would have any tips on how to deal with this #submit_progress_bar, it would be much appreciated. We checked some internal client "system" JavaScript code but didn't managed to deal with our situation

Version of Sawtooth: 9.5.3
Versions of the tested browsers are:
    - Chrome
    - Firefox 63.0.3
    - IE 11.125.16299.0

Thanks in advance for any help and we are ready to deliver more information if you would need it.

Sebastien @ IFOP
asked Jan 3 by sfop (120 points)

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