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Special character in unipark-link

I'm working with a colleague who uses unipark. We have to pass  respondent IDs from Unipark to Sawtooth. The link from Unipark to Sawtooth is https://xxxx.sawtoothsoftware.com/cgi-bin/ciwweb.pl?studyname=xxxx&a=#p_0001# (xxxx is not the true address, which should not appear here).
The problem is that the ID with the special character # is not stored in Sawtooth. Without the special characters (a=p_0001) it seems to work, but Unipark can only pass the ID in the form mentioned above with the special character.  
Does anybody have a solution? Thank you in advance!
asked Jan 11 by anonymous
The pound symbol is a reserved character for URLs.  You may need to bring this to the attention of your Unipark colleague - the character ought to be encoded to "%23."
Thank you very much,
we will try to solve the problem in the Unipark-Link. However, your answer was also helpful in redirecting the respondent ID from sawtooth to Unipark (we use %23 in the URL instead of # and it works!)

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