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Custom Other specify validation not working in iPad/Mac OS


In one of our surveys, for a grid question with check boxes and other specify option, we have written manual validation for forcing other specify response. But one of the respondent was able to move forward by providing Other text but didn't check any of the check boxes. Please go through the code below and let us know if this was a compatible issue or any other issue.

var selections=0;
for(var i=1;i<=7;i++)
    if(SSI_GetValue("[% QuestionName() %]_r3_c"+i)==1)
if(SSI_GetValue("[% QuestionName() %]_r3_other")!="" && selections==0)
        strErrorMessage = "You forgot to answer this question.<br>Please select your response in the 'Other type of visit' row if you fill in the 'Other specify' box.";        
else if(SSI_GetValue("[% QuestionName() %]_r3_other")=="" && selections>=1)
        strErrorMessage = "You forgot to answer this question.<br>If you select 'Other type of visit', then please specify your answer in the text box provided.";
        $("#[% QuestionName() %]_r3_other").addClass("error_highlight");
asked Jan 11 by prathyusha_doraswamy (165 points)

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