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Use skip logic with answer to previous CBC question

Is it possible to utilize an answer to a previous CBC question in skip logic? Which variable should I use to choose for example if level X of attribute Y was chosen?

Thank you
asked Jan 28, 2019 by anonymous
I don't believe there's an out-of-the-box solution for that, but it could be achieved through a more roundabout option.  If you add a free format question to a CBC page, you could set the value of one of the free format's variable using the Sawtooth Script function "CBCDesignLevelValue."  This will record the level shown to a respondent, which can then be used in skip logic.
There are three other situations where you CAN skip without having to do additional coding to record the design.

The first is the "None" option. It's always the last option, so if you have 3 concepts per task, you can rely on the "None" being recorded as a "4".

Second, if you have fixed tasks, you can skip based on the fixed task answers because you already know what the design is for this task (you put it in there in the first place!).  So if you want to skip based on if they selected Brand A, and you know that your Fixed Task had Brand A in the second option, you'd skip if the answer to CBC_Fixed1 = 2.

Finally, if you've imported the design for a survey, then you similarly know ahead of time what the design looks like. Occasionally, I'll create a design, export it, sort it by say Brand, then re-import it. I then might know that Coke products are in options 1-6, Pepsi products are in 7-12, etc. So if I've done this for all tasks, I can then reliably skip if the answer is 1-6 or 7-12, etc. because I already controlled the experimental design so the outcome was predictable.

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