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Frameworks in Lighthouse Studio 9.6.1

Dear all,

I have a short question about Frameworks  in Lighthouse Studio 9.6.1.

Is it possible to integrate Frameworks like Slick (JS-Framework) or Bootstrap in Lighthouse?

If it is possible, how can I do it?

I've tried it with Slick, because I saw that someone integrated YUI th Yahoo-User-Interface-Library in Lighthouse, but it doesn't work.

Thank you in advance for your help.
asked Jan 30 by Meyva
Generally the process of adding JS libraries to a Lighthouse Studio questionnaire is to (1) download all relevant library files, (2) add these files to your questionnaire's /graphics/ folder, and (3) reference them from your survey's HTML tag with HTML akin to this:

<script type="text/javascript" src="[% GraphicsPath( ) %]mylibraryfile.js"></script>

As is often the case with using multiple JS libraries, you may need to keep compatibility in mind when writing code.  Lighthouse Studio already comes with jQuery installed.  If a framework you're adding has special requirements when being used in parallel with jQuery, you'll need to apply those throughout your own code.

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