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Is product needed as an attribute


I have a DCM design where the attributes only vary for only product. We re varying 4 attributes. However, there are a few products shown.

There are two ways I see of moving forward:

1. Not including product as an attribute, and using a traditional none option.
- This will prevent prohibitions, but does not get a utility for the product we are varying attributes for

2. Including product as an attribute
- This will require prohibitions, and may hurt the strength of the design

It would be awesome to get your thoughts on which option would be better for conjoint design. I am primarily concerned with the utilization of the product that is varying, so I think approach #1 is better. Happy to get your perspective on the pros/cons of each option.

asked Feb 1 by Connor

1 Answer

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From your description, it sounds like you might be better off with an alternative-specific design.  You can think of this as a particular (and not very harmful) way of handling prohibitions of which attribute levels apply to which products.  It will also give you a utility for product, which sounds like it's important to you.  In Lighthouse Studio's help menu search for Alterantive Specific Designs to learn more.
answered Feb 3 by Keith Chrzan Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (76,350 points)