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Enabling back button in Live Survey to only go back once at each question

Hi all,

We have a received a quite a different request from client asking us to enable back button in live survey only allowing the respondent to go back to the immediately prior question (i.e. respondent can only go back once at each question, not back all the way to the beginning).

We know that in the Lighthouse if we enable back button, it will be shown at each and every question always to respondent, but we need to show back button only to go back to previous question and should not be able to go back more than one question at a time.

Does any worked on this kind of similar request. If yes, can you please provide us thoughts or possible ways of implementing this kind of request.

Any thoughts on the above request is highly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance.

asked Feb 1 by KarthikMahankali Bronze (3,110 points)

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