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how to hide Grid attribute with condition from previous question

I have create grid question"Q26" having 23 rows and scaling (Columns) 1 to 10.

Could anyone guide me how to hide row 12 to 15 if  Flagged variable =1

if Flagged=2  then i need to open it for all.

thank You.
asked Feb 12, 2019 by Shiraz

1 Answer

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You can use some Perl script within a constructed list to assist here.

Insert the following into your constructed list. I have assumed your row parent list is called Q26RowList. In your grid question, select this constructed list as your row list.
Begin Unverified Perl 

 if (VALUE("Flagged")==1)

End Unverified

This constructed list will also randomise your rows. Remove the RANDOMIZE statement otherwise.
answered Feb 12, 2019 by Paul Moon Platinum (81,475 points)