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Multiple CBC exercises in a questionnaire: how to select one randomly?

Dear all,

We will perform a questionnaire addressing 3 different products, and we want to perform a CBC for each. Several levels will be different between the 3 CBC exercises.

Our issue is that, due to time constraints, we want to select only 1 exercise to be filled by the respondent. The selection of the CBC exercise has to be related to the previous answers, and we would like to offer the possibility to complete a second one.

Is there a way to select randomly (with constraints) between 3 different CBC exercises within the same questionnaire? Or should I rather do different questionnaires?

Thanking you !
Best regards,
asked Feb 15, 2019 by Jean Mansuy

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You could do this using skip patterns within the same Lighthouse Studio survey.  But, we put a limitation in the software that you cannot skip directly to a conjoint question.  The workaround is to place a text-only question as introduction instructions just prior to the CBC question.  You can then skip directly to that question.   

A second part of your question is how to make sure, say, exactly 1 of the three exercises is completed.  You can do that by using the RandNum(seed, min#, max#) to draw an integer from 1 to 3.  (See the documentation for more details).

Then, place pre-skip logic on the text-only transition screens that are right before each CBC section.  If the integer doesn't match the value needed to flag that the respondent should take that CBC exercise, pre-skip to the intro question just prior to the next exercise, etc.  The skips bounce the respondent to all three exercises, but only one pre-skip logic will come back true, indicating that the respondent should continue to the next question and complete that CBC exercise.
answered Feb 15, 2019 by Bryan Orme Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (173,090 points)
Dear Bryan,

Thank you for your answer. That worked perfectly and our survey went well.

Best regards,
I'm glad that worked!  Thanks for looping back!