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Custom javascript not working

We have a grid question with 3 rows and 1 column and we are asking the user to input a number (0 to infinite) against those 3 rows. However, we want to avoid the case of all 3 values being 0 so had put the below javascript

if (SSI_GETVALUE ("Q2_r1_c1") < 1 && SSI_GETVALUE("Q2_r2_c1") < 1  && SSI_GETVALUE("Q2_r3_c1") < 1)
strErrorMessage = "At least one value should be more than 0";

The script doesn't throw any error but nothing happens on clicking next. While inspecting the javascript, it shows Uncaught ReferenceError: SSI_GETVALUE is not defined.

Thanks in advance
asked Feb 20, 2019 by Tarun (145 points)

1 Answer

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JavaScript is case-sensitive.  You need to use "SSI_GetValue."
answered Feb 20, 2019 by Zachary Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (144,125 points)
My bad for missing out on this. Thanks a lot Zach.