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Error 240/200/214

I have a survey which for some reason I cannot upload to the server. I tried multiple things like reseting, changing the max fields per database table and creating a new project from scratch, and each time I get a different error number.

Apparently, it has something to do with the  SQL database, because the survey log says:

Database error. Cannot get data results. [ID: 214]
System Error:
DBD::mysql::db selectall_arrayref failed: Table 'db_56084.UIP_Brand_Prospects_2019_data1' doesn't exist at /users/user_56084/htdocs/cgi-bin/admin.pl line 17, line 8.

Can someone help me with this issue, please? What am I doing wrong?
asked Feb 20, 2019 by prtlg (180 points)
Situations like this arise when Lighthouse Studio surveys contain a large number of data fields. Only a certain number of data fields can be contained in a single database table. That number is dependent on the types of data fields in a given survey.

The best way to accommodate a large number of data fields in a survey is to reduce, not increase, the Max Fields per Database Table setting from the default of 300 before uploading the survey. This will create more database tables in the database when the survey is uploaded.

Changing this setting's value after a survey is uploaded may create difficulties with resetting a survey because the required data tables might not have been initially created.

1 Answer

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This seems like an issue on the servers that the hosting team will need to look into for you. Please send an email to support@sawtoothsoftware.com
answered Feb 20, 2019 by harrison Bronze Sawtooth Software, Inc. (975 points)