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Change price in ACBC based on another attribute

I have a health insurance study with 3 levels of cover as an attribute (single, couple, family).
I have a price variable that is calculated on demographics prior to the ACBC excercise [% price %]. This price variable is then used to create a Price attribute and has 5 levels  (-45%, -25%,  0%, +15%, +30%) which I've already programmed. What I want to now do is also multiply this number by a factor of 2 if in the excercise price is shown with 'couples' cover and by 2.25 if the price is shown with 'family' cover.  How can I multiply this number by a factor based on another attribute in the ACBC?
asked Feb 26 by PaulKallis Bronze (1,005 points)

1 Answer

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From the Pricing tab in ACBC exercise settings, try the "Price Adjustments..." button.  But, the limitation is that you can do additive adjustments there, not multiplicative.
answered Feb 27 by Bryan Orme Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (162,290 points)